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7 sep. 2017 - How to play Spingo by Microgaming, a hybrid bingo and roulette real money game. Rules, payouts, odds and the best and safest casino sites to join and play. Spingo, a game from renowned casino software makers Microgaming is a unique online game which combines roulette and bingo. The game is presented in the form of a spinning wheel which is separated into blue, yellow and red sections and one green one. In total, the wheel has twenty five segments, 24 of which are. 13 okt. 2014 - Below is a step-by-step guide of how to play Spingo; one of the more entertaining online casino games (available for practice and real AUD cash). Spingo Green Slot 1. Select the chip size you want (ranging from $0.25 – $10.00) and place it on a predictive option on the table. You can place as many chips. The three colors are blue, red and yellow with one green slot. Then you spin the wheel and watch the results played out for you in bright, crisp graphics. The best bet to make a combination bet wager on both the winning colour and numberwhich has the lowest house edge, at just 2. You also have a green pocket, which serves as the equivalent of the zero on a classic roulette wheel. This pays out at 2-1 odds. The best places to play are at our recommended Microgaming online roulette casinos:. Like all online roulette games, in Großes Oster-Rennen bei Partycasino the numbers that end up appearing are created with a RNG system.

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Spin & Go Strategy - PokerStars - Learn Poker Once you join, you use your mouse to select the value of the chip and number of chips you wish to play and the number or colour combination to place them on. Spingo is only a few years old and was brought about during the era of online casinos. Players pick a number from zero to ten rather than zero to thirty-six, and choose from three instead of two colour combinations. Players predict the outcome of the spin and place their bets accordingly. Best roulette casinos Casino. A virtual dauber will be placed on the table to signify the winning number and colour, and the result will also be clearly displayed on-screen. Copyright © 2007 - 2017 Roulette Australia. That makes it easy to recommend a basic strategy: Receive £32 for every £20 deposited. Spingo has a variety of different wagers available to the player, and all suit different bankroll limits. Odd and even bets are available as outside bets, as are wagers on numbers 1-5 and 6-10. The game features the standard roulette betting layout and little wheel, but with four colours red, yellow, blue, green comprising three columns of the numbers one to ten. Spingo is an online gambling format that is a great twist on two beloved casino games — bingo and roulette. Enjoy Spingo at EmuCasino! Only regulated sites make our guides. This pays out at 31-1. Ultimately, this is a game of luck, and how you decide to play is entirely up to your preferences. There is a maximum limit of chips you can wager on per bet type, which we will explain in more detail later in the article. Instead of numbers, the wheel has three colors with no numbers. The main objective of the game is the same as roulette: Obviously, this game is quite similar to roulette.

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